About Weber Gemstones

Weber Gemstones is a certified professional gemologist business located in London, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and United States. We specialize in purchasing and selling high quality gemstones, with a focus on colored stones. Our collection consists of natural gemstones sourced from around the world. We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality, price, selection, and service to our customers.

Eve Weber, CEO Weber Gemstones


a wooden table topped with different types of rocks
a wooden table topped with different types of rocks

Our principles

Quality Assurance

Unparalleled Selection

Exceptional Service

purple cyrstal quarts stone
purple cyrstal quarts stone

We guarantee the authenticity and superior quality of our gemstones, ensuring that you receive only the finest and most exquisite pieces.

With our extensive collection of natural gemstones from around the world, you'll find the perfect stone that matches your unique style and preferences.

Our team of certified professional gemologists is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, assisting you in finding the perfect gemstone and answering any questions you may have.

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